Creed ” Weathered ” Recorded and Mixed 6 x multiplatinum # 1 BillBoard Album and Single ” My Sacrifice “

Sevendust ” NEXT ” Recorded

Matchbox Twenty ” Yourself or someone like you ” Jay Stanley co-songwriter 3 am # 1 billboard adult top 40 charts for 10 weeks 15 million worlwide record sales

Rob Thomas TARGET Special limited edition cd ” Dear Joan” Jay Stanley co-songwriter

Bare Naked Ladies Hard Rock Live – mixed show for muchmusic

Sugar Ray mixed show for muchmusic

Dunkin Shiek mixed show for muchmusic

Unkle Kraker mixed show for muchmusic

Bunny Rugs

Tabitha’s Secret

Sissaundra Lewis

Cycle Of Pain

Severed Sun


Buddy Zappa

Circle II Cirlcle

Shawn Harris

Mark Taylor

The Afterwhile

First Day With Gravity


Redneck Messiah

Randy Nichols

Roger Lopez

Homestruck Orchestra

Sling N Stone


Diamond Dixie

Laura Hull

Robert Danta

Relo Music Group

Scott Abney

Casual Folklor

One Less Reason

Lennon 5.1 mix for live concert DVD

Chris Glover Undone

Global Records

Tony Miceli

Radiant Entertainment


Panasonic Corporate Systems

Transcontinental Records and Studios

Atlantic Records

Universal Studios


Tierney Allen


Still Naive

Radiant Entertainment

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The Drive Home

Shawn Harris

Soul Switch

The Curve

Alex P. Jackson


Creed Camps Out

You could say that Jay is somewhat of a martyr. What would you do if a pack of people asked to borrow YOUR house for a couple of months? Well, Full Sail grad Jay Stanley said yes. Oh, by the way, he said, “Yes!” to Creed.

The band was looking for a studio in the Orlando area to record their upcoming album, Weathered. This was to be their follow-up effort to 1998’s Human Clay release, which has sold over 10 million copies. After seeing the set up at Jay’s pad, Creed and crew loaded in their gear and went to work.

The album was recorded and mixed completely in ProTools (just one piece of tasty technology that you can master at Full Sail) and took four months to complete. Creed also hired Shilpa Patel, another Full Sail grad, to be the onsite ProTools guru. Jay speaks fondly of Shilpa and refers to her as the Queen of ProTools. “I trust Shilpa with my equipment and my house. She was truly my rock during this project.”

As Jay sits beside his swimming pool/jacuzzi combo (complete with fountains) he talks about what it was like to work with Creed. “I came and went [during the four months] checking on equipment, and troubleshooting gear…as I heard the demos coming together, I was impressed. The first time I heard “My Sacrifice” (the first single released) I knew it was going to be huge.” Weathered ( produced by John Kerzweg, Kirk Kelsey and Creed) debuted at the top of the charts and held the position for eight weeks. Jay is honored that the project was recorded in his studio. “I am happy that they have been so successful. The band and crew are a tight-knit group. They are loyal to the people that have helped them achieve their success-and that says a lot about their character as human beings.”

Jay was forced into music. At the age of six, his parents made him take guitar lessons and little Jay was, well, less than thrilled. But, by the time he reached high school he saw music as his first love, and now it’s his career. Insert the “parents know best” comment of your choice here.

He went from rocking out in garages, to the Berklee College of Music, and in January 1990 his musical aspirations led him to Full Sail. After graduating from the Recording Arts program, he worked on everything from major label records to feature films to theme park audio design. His talent led him to Los Angeles and back to Florida where he taught Recording Engineering and Advanced Recording to Full Sailors for over 3 years.

In 1993, he formed a band called Tabitha’s Secret in which he wrote and played music with future Matchbox Twenty front-man Rob Thomas. The band had a falling out in 1995, but Jay’s writing contribution has since rocked the United States and beyond. One of the songs that Jay co-wrote for his former band became the Matchbox Twenty hit, “3 AM,” which sold over 15 million copies worldwide, spent ten weeks at #1 on the Billboard adult top 40 charts and earned Jay two ASCAP POP Music awards for the most performed song of 1999 and 2000.

Because of the song’s success, Jay was able to attain the financial freedom to build his own in-house sound sanctuary. The facility contains two main rooms. Studio A is done in purple. Purple lava lamps, purple lights. Jay says the color sparks his creativity. After all, his creativity is what enabled him to build not one, but two in-home control rooms. Studio B was home to the Creed sessions. ProTools rigs anchor each of the main rooms. Jay has become a visionary as it relates to ProTools recording for album projects. Hard disk recording for full length album projects isn’t just the future. It is the present.

Since the Creed project, Jay continues to be a musical maniac. Here’s an example of what his ‘To Do’ list has looked like in recent months. Re-release Tabitha’s Secret songs. Write and perform with new band, Jack Glass. Work on local band demos. Help with projects at Hard Rock Live that include artists such as Barenaked Ladies and Uncle Cracker. The list goes on, but Jay always surrounds himself with what he loves. As for his future? “I look forward to finding new artists to produce, as well as finding time to enjoy the things that are most important to me – my friends and family.”