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Editing a podcast is one of the most laborious and time-consuming tasks when preparing your podcast. Although it is true that many people consider this step, that of editing, as something totally optional, not very necessary and that what really matters is the content. In my case, I do consider the editing and assembly of podcasts to be essential and very important. Forever? No, not always, there are podcasts that do not need to go to post-production since they are broadcast live and as they are published. On the other hand, we also have a podcast whose style and value are that of naturalness and ambient sound.

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We can remove those unnecessary mouse click noises, that finger noise you make hitting the table or even those sometimes annoying mouth noises. The audio recording allows us to stop for 20 minutes to improve the content.

  • Annoying noises
  • Hits
  • Long silences
  • Unnecessary breaks

If you new to podcast check out this video on Podcasting for beginners

These and more things happen and will continue to happen in any recording that is not made in a professional studio, and yet… they also happen. Do they give you naturalness? It depends. When it is something punctual and not prepared, it is something tremendously new and even fascinating, because it brings the speaker much closer to the listener. Such as hitting a coffee spoon against the cup, stealthily. However, when the continuous noise is that of a mouse clicking, the famous noise of the palate making noise before speaking, continuously hitting the table with a pen…, that does not contribute anything, it is annoying and we can remove it.

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I get the feeling that a lot of people will come here looking for resources, tools and tricks to clean up their audio. “THE BETTER THE AUDIO IS RECORDED, THE EASIER IT WILL BE TO EDIT AND CLEAN UP” Why am I telling you this? Because miracles cannot be done. If you’re recording with a Rode Nt1-A condenser microphone , with the window open and an ambulance passes by, that’s going to stay there, or you repeat it…or it’s going to stay there. If you are recording with a Shure SM58 dynamic microphone , and your posture is that of lying on the chair with the microphone 50 centimeters away, you are going to sound far away. And I can’t bring you closer to the microphone as if I were transported to the past. Things can be fixed, but miracles cannot be done.

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Let’s do a review. You’ve recorded with the right tools. Then you have removed all the noises and sounds that you don’t want to appear in your audio track. Next you should proceed to pass a series of plugins or effects that will help you eliminate all those noises that you could not manually.

For example:

  • High Pass Filter (Removes all frequencies below +/- 120hz)
  • Low Pass Filter (Removes all frequencies below +/- 14000hz)

* You have to select the frequencies from where you want to delete, in this case it is only an orientation.

  • Equalizer (Increases or decreases the frequencies or the set of them to get the sound that you have considered)

* Work with modifications around +/- 1hz so as not to destroy the audio and to achieve a more optimal result.

* Each voice is different and therefore needs a specific equalization for each case, many people work raising highs to low voices or raising lows to high voices, try it.

  • Compressor (Reduces the signal to avoid distortion and attenuate peaks that exceed the limit)

* Applying a compressor will make your audio track have sound control and stabilization.

You have an article to read where I talk about equalization for beginners.


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Can there be many more actions to edit a podcast? Yes, but we are here to present some basic notions. With all the above that I have told you, we can now make your podcast a little better , at least a little. From here creativity to power. Podcast producers have an obligation to find out what elements can be better or worse for your content. And I’m not talking about incorporating an edition into your audio in which you don’t even recognize yourself, but about incorporating the right and necessary elements to make your podcast more attractive. Whether with basic or complex sound settings, adding quality to the voices or incorporating effects and limiters so that the result is optimal.

And in your case, if you want to continue being the man/woman orchestra, you should investigate exactly the same, listen very well to the content and give your audio those nuances you are looking for, for example with these audios to download. Once you’ve gotten past the arduous task of editing a podcast, it’s time for the creative task of putting a podcast together. They are different things, and I recommend that you do them that order. Clean. Edit. Mount, in that order. The editing phase is for me the part of post-production that I like the most, and I feel the most comfortable. Listen carefully and imagine in my head soundstages, settings or simply some sound tweaks in the voices, add and remove music…everything that has to do with this process fascinates me. And since it would be very complete for me to describe it to you, I decided to make a video where you can see me in its purest form. Learn more about podcasting in general at the Wikipedia podcast page.